Welcome to the Famèe Furlane of N.A. Club, the first fogolar furlan established in North America!

Upcoming Events

March 25th

Cena di Venerdì Santo

Lentil Soup Baccalà (red) or “alla Vicentina” (white)  or Veal Stew (specify choice with reservation, steak substitute) Polenta, Pistic, Cheese Salad - Dessert – Coffee Donation $25

April 1st

Pasta Fagioli

 Roasted Rabbit or Beef Stew

Polenta, Spinach, Cheese Salad –Dessert – Coffee Donation $25


April 1st - Dues Deadline!


April 8th

Cozze alla Vlado Manhattan Clam Chowder Filet of Sole or 8 oz. Lobster Tail Rice with Mushrooms (specify choice with reservation) Salad - Dessert – Coffee Donation   $25 Filet of Sole /  $30 Lobster Tail